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The fruits of good intentions

This is a letter that was sent to a welfare facility (Akitsu Ryoikuen, Japan) with some donations in 1967.

A long, lousy winter has gone, the new spring came. How are the kids who live in your facility? We, all the members of the neighborhood association, always care about the kids who are with disabilities in their bodies and mind.

We would appreciate it if you would buy candy for this for the children’s day in May; We are sending 30,000 yen. This is a payment that we collected empty cans, cardboard boxes and other paper scraps, which were supposed to be thrown away, arranged and tied neatly, and sold to a recycling service every month this year.

This is the action that has been lasted for a long time so that we could get some money and garbage could be satisfied as well with a bit of attention. Now we are sending you the money we got by that action, hoping that the money could be used more effectively.

We would appreciate it if you could understand how we would like it. We know it is not easy for the director and the teachers, sincerely hope that you take good care of the kids.

The original of this letter is in Japanese. It’s a kind of old fashion a bit, even though, it conveys a good manner and consideration to the children living in the facility and the teachers. The graceful texts make us feel the author’s kindness.

The original text by Akitsu Ryoikuen Social welfare corporation
Photo by Monstera “sweet lollipop in form of heart on pink background”

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