silhouette of trees during night time

Gazing at Orion’s Belt [Haiku] – Ju

I am gazing at Orion,
Snow is falling all over,

This is a Japanese Haiku.

The author’s eyes catch the constellation Orion.
Around him, it is snowing and snowing, quietly.
We wonder where he is.
Snow might be falling on a ground, on trees, on houses, on mountains… And on him as well, of course.

Beyond his eyes, are the three stars in Orion’s Belt that appeared briefly in the sky? Or could he realize the majestic figure of Orion which in the snowflakes that come from the sky and dance on the ground?

The original and how to pronounce are here. It is a very good tone. I highly recommend you to read aloud it.


– Ju

[How to pronounce]
Mitsu-boshi za
Shin shin to furu
Yuki no naka

Haiku by Ju
Photo by Sindre Strøm “silhouette of trees during night time”

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