Shadows of the children are long [Haiku] – Ju

I can find the shadows of the children are long
who are chasing a ball in a schoolyard

This is Japanese Haiku. The original and how to pronounce are here.


– Ju

[How to pronounce]
Koutei ni
tama ou ko rano
kage nagashi

Now I try adding a note.

Once again, children are chasing a ball in a schoolyard. Their shadows are long. That tells us it’s an evening in fall toward winter.

While the unchanging flow of time and nature are moving toward “stillness” as night and winter respectively, in contrast, children are energetically “active”.

This concerns the strength and hope of the children, who are not controlled by the fate that is given to them, but can create their own futures.

Haiku by Ju
Photo by Kampus Production “Young Boys Running while Playing Football”

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